AC = Auto Carrier

Founded in the early days of the 20th Century the AC Car Company is one of the oldest British Car Manufacturers. The name AC actually stands for Auto-Carrier, early models were little more than 3 wheeled cycle-cars which were popular at that time. During the 1930's the AC Car Company was run by the Hurlock brothers and produced a range of well made, "sporting" cars.

In 1947 AC resumed manufacturing and launched its 2-Litre Saloon and Drophead Coupe models. In 1953 the company launched one of its most important cars, the Ace. This popular sports model would eventually develop into the Cobra with the help of Carol Shelby and Ford. Other less successful models have included the beautiful, and underrated 427/428 range and the ill-fated 3000ME.

Since the 1970's the AC Company has been the subject of mixed fortunes although it survives today as a low-volume sports car producer famous for its Cobra inspired models.